The Experlink Tools provide a new way to analyse a BI portfolio by leveraging the features of latest Search and Data Vizualisation tools like Elastic Search or Gephi.

The Experlink Tools are particularly useful for the transformation and decommissioning of old and obsolete legacy BI Tools.

Experlink Tools include :

  • Assessment Modules (for Models and Reports) allow to perform a precise description of the existing investments such as SAP BO Universes, Webi Reports, Deski Reports, Crystal Reports and any other objects in the SAP BO CMS (Excel, Dashboards, etc.).This module produces a precise technical documentation of the portfolio and makes a full repository of the existing assets.
  • Optimize Modules compare pairs of SAP BO Universes and Reports to determine similar or resembling objects. A similarity score is calculated for each pair of objects analyzed.
  • Migration Modules to specific platforms. Both tools can be used to prepare and execute a migration project.